An Ohio senator joined a conference of anti-vaccine advocates hyping “alternative” COVID-19 treatments, several of which like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are explicitly warned against by regulators, public health officials and medical associations.

State Sen. Andrew Brenner, R-Delaware, was introduced as a “surprise special guest” amid a panel that included an anti-vaccination advocate who was indicted for joining the Jan. 6 raid of the U.S. Capitol; a cardiologist who recommended people gargle diluted bleach to prevent COVID-19; and a discredited biologist who claimed the CDC is “cooking the books” in counting coronavirus cases.

The webinar was hosted Oct. 7 by Children’s Health Defense, an anti-vaccine advocacy organization that demanded this summer that the CDC “halt” the administration of COVID-19 vaccines to minors.

The event’s emcee prefaced the webinar with a disclaimer that nothing offered at the seminar is a replacement for medical advice or treatment. Speakers then went on to erroneously claim that vaccination against COVID-19 is “risky” but treatments that the CDC, American Medical Association, and others warn against are safer bets.

Brenner told viewers that he will introduce legislation in two to three weeks called the “COVID-19 alternative therapies” act.

Ohio kids’ COVID-19 cases overtake other age groups
Ohio Capital Journal, Jake ZuckermanSeptember 8, 2021

Ohioans 19 and younger are now driving the state’s COVID-19 pandemic, comprising a larger share of cases than any other age group.

Roughly one in three people who have contracted COVID-19 this month are 18 or younger, according to an analysis of state data. Those aged 20-29 are the next most prevalent cohort, comprising 16% of the month’s cases.

This comes as many schools struggle to remain open amid spiking infection and quarantine rates of students, and children’s hospitals raise the alarm about strained capacity.


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