Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Mike Dewine has a massive lead over Nan Whaley as per the latest polls.
Google Search Trends: As per google search volumes Mike Dewine is ahead of Nan Whaley.

Social Media Sentiments: The Net Sentiments of Mike Dewine are worst compared to Nan Whaley.

The 2022 Ohio Governor Election is set to take place on November 8th, 2022. The Primary election was conducted on May 3rd, 2022. Both the Republican and the Democratic Party’s primary election was completely one-sided. Governor DeWine won the primary election by a margin of 20 points against his closest rival Jim Renacci.

Nan Whaley on the other hand registered a thumping win over her rival John Cranley. Nan Whaley secured around 65% of the total votes polled.

Insights and Observations
As per the latest polls, Tim Ryan has an edge over his opponent JD Vance by just 3%. In Ohio, 15% of voters remain undecided.

According to the latest polls, Tim Ryan has huge support from black voters, women, and young voters.
As per the data, 50% of women in Ohio support Tim Ryan and only 31% of women support Vance.
Meanwhile, JD Vance has maintained his support from white voters and mid-age people.
Around 45% of white voters support Vance and 38% support Ryan.

Ohio Attorney General Yost files for 6-week abortion ban as Roe is overturned
Ohio Capital Journal, Susan Tebben & Nick EvansJune 24, 2022

As Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed court motions to enact Ohio’s six-week abortion ban, a motley bunch of protesters gathered near the Ohio Statehouse on Friday in a tiny sliver of shade cast by the William McKinley statue.

They held signs declaring “abortion is healthcare” or “abortion is a human right.” Another read “our democracy, it is broken.”

Cheri Wells stood next to her one-year-old daughter, Lux, who was strapped into a stroller.

“I brought my daughter down here because this absolutely has everything to do with her, too,” she said.

In Ohio, the race to replace retiring Republican Sen. Rob Portman had top billing, with Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan emerging victorious from their respective primaries.

You’ll find primary results for all the key offices below. For complete Ohio election results, head to the state’s website.

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REDISTRICTING … GOP majority passes third round of Ohio Statehouse maps in 4-3 vote
Ohio Capital Journal , Susan TebbenFebruary 25, 2022

Four Republican members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission passed a third round of legislative maps Thursday, exactly one week after the Ohio Supreme Court’s deadline passed.

The maps just introduced Thursday afternoon passed with a 4-3 vote, with both Democrats voting against as with previously passed maps.

The House map presented on Thursday shows a 54-45 GOP advantage in the House and an 18-15 advantage in the Senate. While 19 of the Democratic House districts and seven in the Senate are considered competitive political “toss-ups” in the 50% to 52% advantage range, none of the Republican districts are, with all of them having a Republican advantage more than 52%.

President Biden announced that $1 billion in funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law will be put toward restoration efforts of Great Lakes areas during a visit to Lorain, Ohio.

Two solar farms planned for Union County have gotten the go ahead from state officials, but now the county is considering whether to put a halt to further development. In a crowded special hearing Tuesday night, the Union County Commission heard a complicated message from residents.

The commission is considering the idea in the first place because state lawmakers granted them the authority to restrict development under Senate Bill 52, a measure signed into law last summer singling out solar and wind development for additional scrutiny. The bill’s sponsors, Sens. Bill Reineke, R-Tiffin, and Bill McColley, R-Napoleon, gave county commissions the right to declare unincorporated parts of their county off-limits for solar or wind farms. In addition to Union, other counties like Allen, Highland and Delaware have begun work on their own restrictions.

The latest legislative map tunnel may finally have an end if redistricting leaders are to be believed. Congressional redistricting still has a way to go.

On the same day that members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission submitted their arguments as to why the Ohio Supreme Court shouldn’t hold them in contempt for missing the legislative redistricting deadline, they met for the second time this week to talk maps.

The congressional redistricting deadline set by the state’s high court isn’t up until mid-March, but election deadlines are quickly expiring, as Secretary of State Frank LaRose keeps reminding his fellow commission members.

“As we speak, the boards of election are starting to program voting machines, starting to set up their systems to run that election based on that ballot,” LaRose said of the May primary.

GOV BROWN … State of the Union to feature Former Lordstown UAW President
Ohio Capital Journal, David DewittFebruary 4, 2022

Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown said in a news release Saturday he would be bringing former GM Lordstown United Auto Workers Local 1112 President Dave Green to tonight’s State of the Union address.

Over the last two years, the release noted, GM laid off roughly 4,500 workers between the three shifts at the plant.

“President Trump has betrayed workers at every turn. The workers at Lordstown helped create GM’s financial success and, instead of fighting to save these jobs, the president sided with corporations and gave companies like GM massive tax breaks to shut down American factories and ship jobs overseas,” Brown said.