OHO onAir Channel 1/29/20

8:00 to 9:00 – OHO Morning Show

9:00  to 12:00 – Streaming from Washington, DC

12:00 to 4:00 –Streaming from Columbus
OH 1- Senate session
OH 2- House session
OH 3 – Supreme Court
OH 4- Senate Finance Committee
OH 5- House Appropriations Committee

 4:00 to 5:00 – OHO Wrap-up show

  5:00 to 6:00 – Senator Updates

  6:00 to 7:00 – Interviews (R)

 7:00 to 8:00 – Governor’s Address (R)

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Mike DeWine

Current Position: Governor

Affiliation: Republican


Mike DeWine loves Ohio and cares passionately about our state’s future. He knows that every parent wants their kids to have an opportunity for a solid education, a healthy life that is free of drugs, and a good paying job later in life. Republican leadership has righted the ship in Ohio, but Mike knows that we have a chance to propel our state even farther ahead.

Mike knows that for our state to succeed in the future, we have to take efforts to create and retain jobs in Ohio to the next level. By curbing excessive taxation and burdensome regulations, his focus will be on creating a more inviting business environment and bringing and keeping jobs in Ohio.

Sherrod Brown

Current Position: US Senator

Affiliation: Democrat


No one fights harder for Ohio’s working families or takes his job more seriously than Sherrod. It’s a reputation he earned through his career in public service. When Sherrod won a seat in the General Assembly, he became the youngest person elected to Ohio’s House of Representatives. He went on to serve as Ohio’s Secretary of State and represented Ohio’s 13th District in the U.S. House.

In the Senate, Sherrod gives voice to Ohioans who have been left behind by the special interests that dominate Washington, and is fighting for an economy that restores the value of hard work in America.

Robert Portman

Current Position: US Senator

Affiliation: Republican


Rob has built a reputation in the Senate as a conservative who is focused on building consensus to promote pro-growth policies that will lead to private sector job creation. Rob is a leading advocate for tax reform, regulatory reform, deficit reduction, and worker retraining reform to help create an environment for Ohio employers to grow and create good-paying jobs.

Despite the gridlock in Congress, Rob has had nearly 50 of his own bills signed into law, including legislation to combat drug abuse, fight human trafficking, improve the federal permitting process, reduce waste and fraud in government spending, and reform federal worker retraining programs so they work better for Ohio workers.

About Ohio onAir

Hub address:  oh.onair.cc
State Capital: Columbus
Lead onAir Chapter: @Ohio State University
Model state Hub:  va.onair.cc
For more informationusa.onair.cc

Seeking: Executive Director
Contact:  shuaib@onair.cc

Executive Director position:
Needs to live near Columbus with minimum 3 years experience with nonpartisan, civic-oriented nonprofit and with relationships with Ohio political leaders.

Mission Statement:
Ohio onAir organizes students to become engaged in and impact state and federal politics facilitating a more civil, collaborative, and vibrant democracy.

Students manage and curate information and media-rich Hub website on elections and governance where Ohio residents can learn more about and interact with their representatives and each other on the issues important to them.

Current Status & Plans:
Ohio onAir oversees the onAir chapters based in public universities throughout the state.  We are seeking chapter presidents for Cleveland State University (Northern Ohio region); for Ohio State University (Central Ohio region); and University of Cincinnati (Southern Ohio region); and an Executive Director to be based in Columbus.

Ohio onAir is the second state Hub. Virginia onAir is the pilot state Hub with university chapters and content on all the current federal and state representatives. USA onAir is the Democ onAir’s pilot state Hub and  and chapters which we are establishing in 2020.

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