About Ohio onAir

Hub address:  oh.onair.cc
State Capital: Columbus
Lead onAir Chapter: @Ohio State University
Model state Hub:  va.onair.cc
For more informationusa.onair.cc

Seeking: Executive Director
Contact:  shuaib@onair.cc

Executive Director position:
Needs to live near Columbus with minimum 3 years experience with nonpartisan, civic-oriented nonprofit and with relationships with Ohio political leaders.

Mission Statement:
Ohio onAir organizes students to become engaged in and impact state and federal politics facilitating a more civil, collaborative, and vibrant democracy.

Students manage and curate information and media-rich Hub website on elections and governance where Ohio residents can learn more about and interact with their representatives and each other on the issues important to them.

Current Status & Plans:
Ohio onAir oversees the onAir chapters based in public universities throughout the state.  We are seeking chapter presidents for Cleveland State University (Northern Ohio region); for Ohio State University (Central Ohio region); and University of Cincinnati (Southern Ohio region); and an Executive Director to be based in Columbus.

Ohio onAir is the second state Hub. Virginia onAir is the pilot state Hub with university chapters and content on all the current federal and state representatives. USA onAir is the Democ onAir’s pilot state Hub and  and chapters which we are establishing in 2020.

How can I impact politics?

How can I impact politics?

From your home, office, or library’s computer and from your phone, Virginia onAir and its Hub website will enable you to more quickly, easily, and effectively LEARN more about your representatives, candidates, and issues important to Virginians; DISCUSS your interests, concerns, opinions, and suggestions; and ENGAGE in supporting a more civil, and vibrant democracy in Virginia.

This post will provide you with an overview of how you can greatly increase your impact on politics through participating in Virginia onAir’s Hub, university chapters, and events … becoming a better informed voter and engaging more with governance at both the state and federal levels.

August 27, 2019 VA onAir Update

August 27, 2019 VA onAir Update

This post, my initial update post as Democracy onAir Executive Director, focuses on Virginia onAir – our model state elections and governance Hub created and managed by GMU alumni and students and curated by Virginia students throughout the state.

We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and donations to assist us in establishing the Virginia onAir Hub as the first of many go-to elections and governance Hubs.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Tim O’Shea – tim.oshea@onair.cc

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