About Ohio onAir

About Ohio onAir


Hub address:  oh.onair.cc
State Capital: Columbus
Lead onAir Chapter: @Ohio State University
Model state Hub:  va.onair.cc
For more informationusa.onair.cc

Seeking: Executive Director
Contact:  shuaib@onair.cc

Executive Director position:
Needs to live near Columbus with minimum 3 years experience with nonpartisan, civic-oriented nonprofit and with relationships with Ohio political leaders.

Mission Statement:
Ohio onAir organizes students to become engaged in and impact state and federal politics facilitating a more civil, collaborative, and vibrant democracy.

Students manage and curate information and media-rich Hub website on elections and governance where Ohio residents can learn more about and interact with their representatives and each other on the issues important to them.

Current Status & Plans:
Ohio onAir oversees the onAir chapters based in public universities throughout the state.  We are seeking chapter presidents for Cleveland State University (Northern Ohio region); for Ohio State University (Central Ohio region); and University of Cincinnati (Southern Ohio region); and an Executive Director to be based in Columbus.

Ohio onAir is the second state Hub. Virginia onAir is the pilot state Hub with university chapters and content on all the current federal and state representatives. USA onAir is the Democ onAir’s pilot state Hub and  and chapters which we are establishing in 2020.

Open to all [Virginians]

Any resident of a state can participate in Virginia onAir activities. We particularly focus on educating and engaging college students.

Any [Virginia] resident can be a member of an onAir chapter at the public university nearest their residence within one of our five regions in Virginia. Chapters will be led by undergraduate students from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines. Students can participate via internships, experiential courses, research projects, student clubs, and their student governments. Virginia onAir is committed to ensuring that all interested students and residents have the opportunity to engage in politics regardless of their time constraints or location.

Benefit to VA Residents

One critical problem for residents of Virginia is that they must go online to multiple sources and forums to build political knowledge and interact with politicians. Residents need one go-to online platform that aggregates information from many sources AND enables multiple ways to interact with representatives and candidates.

We provide the tools to solve these problems.

  • Virginia onAir’s Hub is ONE place to go for all residents to go for all their political information and communications needs.
  • Virginia onAir’s Hub is designed for both large computer screens and small smart phone screens.
  • Virginia onAir’s Hub is simple to use for curators, members, and viewers
  • Virginia onAir’s Hub streams and archives videos produced by its media team as well as many public sources like the General Assembly streaming of sessions and committee hearings

Benefit to Politicians

Virginia federal and state representatives and candidates running for office. All current state and federal representatives are automatically ex-officio members of the Virginia onAir Advisory Board.

Most politicians and their staff don’t have the time expertise, tools, or budget to design, develop, and maintain a comprehensive web presence. Currently, politicians need to utilize many web sources and social media networks to engage citizens. We provide the tools to solve this problem.



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