2022 Elections

2022 Elections


Ohio’s top elections official rejects fraud claims
Ohio Capital Journal, Marty SchladenOctober 1, 2021 (Medium)

A spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said the office didn’t want to get dragged in last week when a fellow Republican echoed former President Donald Trump’s baseless fraud claims and called for an audit of Ohio’s 2020 election.

But the state’s top election official won’t condemn Trump or say whether he’ll support the former president if he runs again in 2024. And despite his assertion that “it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat in Ohio,” LaRose wouldn’t comment on restrictions that forced large-county voters to wait hours to cast early ballots last year.

Former state Treasurer Josh Mandel is one of many Republicans eagerly trying to take up the Trump mantle in the race to succeed retiring U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, who is also a Republican.

An Ohio Senate candidate who has pushed strong anti-refugee messages against Afghans and others is the grandson of refugees from Europe who settled in the Cleveland area with the aid of at least two resettlement organizations in the years following World War II.

Josh Mandel, a former Ohio state treasurer running for Senate for a third time, has come under criticism for harsh anti-Afghan refugee messages said in the weeks since the frantic US withdrawal from Afghanistan in which the US and nearly two dozen other countries have evacuated tens of thousands of Afghans.
Mandel has referenced “alligators” in tweets about refugees and suggested many will be terrorists. He has said “zero” refugees should be let into the US, claiming Afghan refugees will bring “covid” and “child brides.” He has questioned “how many” Taliban fighters were on planes that left for the US from Afghanistan
The Biden administration has said it plans to resettle 60,000 Afghan refugees in the United States.
Commission accepts GOP redistricting map as ‘working document’
Ohio Capital Journal, Susan TebbenSeptember 10, 2021 (Medium)

In a matter of a few hours, Ohio Republican leaders had introduced their proposal for legislative districts in the state, and that map had been accepted as a “working document” by the majority-Republican Ohio Redistricting Commission.

The Ohio GOP-proposed map of House districts
GOP proposed Senate districts
Members of the GOP caucus, including staffer Ray DiRossi, who presented the Republican maps, blamed the lateness of census data on the delay in getting the maps together, but said their map was constitutional, and addressed population increases and losses in different regions of the state.

“The plan that we are presenting today fully complies with the requirements imposed by the state constitution,” DiRossi told the commission on Thursday morning.

What was not addressed within the GOP maps was demographic and racial data within the census, something DiRossi said was left out deliberately, and at the direction of “legislative leaders.”

“We did not use demographic data or racial data in the production of our maps,” DiRossi said, and when asked why, he said “we were directed not to use that data by legislative leaders, and so we did not use it.”

Parties battle over proposed elections changes in Ohio
Ohio Capital Journal, Tyler BuchananJune 4, 2021 (Short)

The Republican sponsors of a bill proposing numerous changes to Ohio election law say they are open to some compromise with Democratic opponents.

But this olive branch comes with a warning.

“(Democrats) have so far given the back of their hand to a balanced bill,” said Rep. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati. “And the risk that they are taking is that by being disingenuous in their opposition, we might just say ‘OK, well, you don’t like a balanced bill, we might move it the rightward direction and then give you something really to howl about, OK?’”

House Bill 294, sponsored by Seitz and fellow Republican Rep. Sharon Ray of Wadsworth, has a ways to go before it becomes law. Ohio Democrats are preparing for the long fight.


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