2022 Elections

2022 Elections

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Parties battle over proposed elections changes in Ohio
Ohio Capital Journal, Tyler BuchananJune 4, 2021 (Short)

The Republican sponsors of a bill proposing numerous changes to Ohio election law say they are open to some compromise with Democratic opponents.

But this olive branch comes with a warning.

“(Democrats) have so far given the back of their hand to a balanced bill,” said Rep. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati. “And the risk that they are taking is that by being disingenuous in their opposition, we might just say ‘OK, well, you don’t like a balanced bill, we might move it the rightward direction and then give you something really to howl about, OK?’”

House Bill 294, sponsored by Seitz and fellow Republican Rep. Sharon Ray of Wadsworth, has a ways to go before it becomes law. Ohio Democrats are preparing for the long fight.


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